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Finances and Stewardship:

In the realm of finances, the Catholic Church offers timeless wisdom that transcends mere monetary matters. The church speaks to the heart of stewardship and responsibility. We are called to navigate the complexities of financial management in marriage. Thus, it is essential to ground our approach in the teachings of our faith, which are guided by principles that reflect the Gospel message.

At the core of finances lies the principle of stewardship. This means recognizing that all that we have are gifts from God. In the Gospel, Jesus explains the virtue of giving. He reminds us that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Generosity, therefore, becomes a hallmark of discipleship. Generosity is a tangible expression of our love for God and neighbor. As stewards, we are called to manage these resources wisely. First with integrity, then, using them for the greater good and service to others.

Being Intentional:

The importance of living with intentionality and purpose is not enough to accumulate wealth for its own sake. Rather, we are called to align our financial choices with our values and priorities. In doing so we seek to build a more just and compassionate society.

We see in the teaching on finances the concept of solidarity. This is the recognition of our inter-connection and shared responsibility for the well-being of others. Most especially the poor and marginalized. In a world marked by inequality and injustice, our financial decisions have far-reaching consequences, impacting not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us. Wealth and possessions are to be used in a way that promotes the common good and upholds the dignity of every human person. This involves, not only supporting charitable causes, but also advocating for social justice and living a lifestyle of simplicity and moderation that fosters greater solidarity with those in need.

Service Vs. Rule:

In the words of Pope Francis, “Money has to serve, not to rule.” As followers of Christ, we are called to be good stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us, using them in a way that reflects the values of the Gospel and promotes the flourishing of all God’s children.

Let us prayerfully reflect on our own attitudes and practices regarding finances, seeking to align them more closely with the teachings of our faith. May we strive to be faithful stewards of God’s gifts, using our financial resources to build a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world.


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Tara Brooke

Tara Brooke is a wife, mother, educator, and child of God.  Tara has worked in various aspects of ministry in the Catholic Church for over 20 years, her last years as a Director of Marriage and Family Life for her local diocese.  She now stays home and tends to the needs of her growing and beautiful family.  She has three biological children and two adopted children, both with Down Syndrome. She loves helping engaged couples grow in their understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage as well as helping enrich already married couples in growing in holiness together.  She resides in Bismarck, ND with her amazing husband, Deacon Dan! 

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