Marriage prep in Spanish – 3 common questions

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Marriage prep in Spanish – 3 common questions


Question 1. How does the Marriage Prep Spanish course work?

We offer online marriage prep for Spanish/ English bilingual couples when one has difficulties reading and/or writing in English.

The couple must still be able to communicate verbally well to exchange their answers and discuss the different topics together (via Skype, WhatsApp, email or phone if they live far from each other). The couple will submit only one form each time, in the primary language they will choose (English or Spanish).

They will work with an instructor couple who will be working with them and will send the corresponding links to the forms in English and Spanish to facilitate understanding.

However, the engaged couple, will submit only one form, either in English or Spanish each time. The party who is most fluent in the primary language chosen will be in charge of filling out the online worksheets with the couple’s common work, adding answers in the other language when/if necessary. The instructor couple will then upload the answer key in the primary language chosen, and will add comments in the other language when/if needed.

Question 2. Our parish is located in a rural area and we have a big population of Spanish speaking people. Some of them cannot read and write. Is Catholic Marriage Prep Spanish also good for them? How can they complete your course to prepare for the sacrament of matrimony?

We have a couple of suggestions:

They can ask their grownup children, close friend (comadre, compadre) or relative for help. This person will help them by reading and typing the engaged couple’s answers into the system and read the revision of their work that their instructor couple will put together especially for them.

If that is not an option, the parish could find a Spanish speaking volunteer to help this couple. This second option is great for building up a parish community where service and love to the other is expressed in actions, and provides a great opportunity to start a deep and long-lasting friendship!

Question 3. Does your Marriage Prep Spanish course include N.F.P. teaching?

Our Marriage Prep course covers the theology behind NFP and explains why contraception is a grave sin. The course does NOT include an actual NFP training. We do offer information on

This is through the Couple-to-Couple League, and they offer different options in English and Spanish.

During the course, we also give several NFP training options, and a comparison chart of the different methods.


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