An Unexpected Guest

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Marriage Prep

At the end of four long days as exhibitors at the NACFLM conferences in St. Louis, MO, Blessed John Paul II paid us a surprise visit at our booth! Here is the story…

Saturday morning, the last day of the conferences. Everyone was exhausted and more than ready to go home. A pretty young 15-year-old girl stopped by to pick some chocolates. We talked to her for a few minutes, and she left. A few hours later, she was back for more chocolates, this time with her mother! We started discussing with the mom, Cecilia, who happened to be a servant of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

As we talked, we discovered that she knew Christian and Christine’s ex-community, and that she was friends with a sister there that they also knew! We all became more confident and she pulled out of her purse a beautiful reliquary containing the hair of Blessed John Paul II!

What an incredible surprise! Blessed John Paul II is among the patron saints of our ministry and it was an amazing and touching encouragement to have him visit our booth. Cecilia was taking the relic from a Carmelite convent to another. You can imagine our emotion.

St. John Paul II relic

We all took this visit as a wink from God to let us know that we are on the right path and to keep up the good work! Alleluia!

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Christine Meert

I was born and raised in Burgundy, France. Good wine and good food reign, but the the region is also deeply rooted in Christianity. The number of beautiful roman churches and chapels is amazing. I am number four of five kids: three girls and two boys. I was raised in a practicing Catholic family. I married Christian in 1977 in Burgundy in an 11th century church. We have five beautiful daughters. Two of them still live in France and three are in the US with us. Our two eldest daughters are married, one in Denver, one in France, and each have five children so far. Our third daughter is currently expecting her first baby. After fifteen years in the Catholic Community of the Beatitudes, we dedicated ourselves to the ministry towards the engaged. We have been the Directors of the Office of Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Colorado Springs since 2005. We became American citizens in 2010 and now have dual citizenship: French and American. I love to take pictures and to scrapbook, I love drawing and crafts (salt-dough is my best!), hiking and gardening. I am the computer geek for our organization.

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