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by | May 29, 2015 | Friday Feedback, Marriage Prep

Weekly Best of Feedback May 25 – May 29, 2015

“Solid material, topics, and thank goodness not watered down kid-glove wearing answers.”

Engaged Couples comments, May 25th
– His comments:
“I think this preparation is very good. I feel it allows for more communication between us than maybe most of the traditional preparation courses.
It helps putting all in the perspective of marriage.”
– Her comments: “This was a great journey and a great experience for our relationship because It generated a lot of conversation between us.
It was harder than I thought it would be but totally worth it!”
I want to get involved in charity and continue going to church with Daniel and take bible courses.
– Both: “It helped us a lot because having to write things down made us express clearly about our spiritual and religious life.”

Engaged couple’s Comments May 26th:
– His comments:Solid material, topics and thank goodness not watered down kid-glove wearing answers. I appreciated especially In depth discussion. For example Janet Smith’s explanations and willingness to go deep into ‘why’ contraception is contraception is immoral with historical background was very comforting.”
– Her Comments;Very inclusive. Really made me think and inspired good conversations between us.
– Impacted his faith: “The course didn’t so much as revive my faith but gave me inspiration that there is still solid catechesis available to those who seek it. For example, Courtney’s first ‘diocesan’ go at RCIA was so un-authentic that it would have made some of the mainstream protestant churches blush. Needless to say, she cut it short. In short, I’m very encouraged that you guys have an authentic RC pre-Cana and that you take the time to give feedback.”
– Both: “It brought up to surface some deeper discussions we knew we were on the same page on but nevertheless were forced to address in order to complete the assignment.”

Live classes: Engaged Couple’s Comment May 27th
– Her: “I just want to thank you both for the course.  It was so wonderfully helpful to us.  My fiance is not Catholic and it was a wonderful way for him to get to know the church.
He was even open to going to mass with me while we are doing the classes.
Your wonderful personalities definitely helped make the class fun and a true blessing for us.
Thank you both for the course AND for the continued prayers.”

Live CatholicMarriagePrep.com classes:Engaged Couple’s Comment May 28th:
“Thank you very much for such a great program. We learned a tremendous amount about one another, and now have a great path to follow. My fiancee is still exploring the Catholic faith, and your class has helped to encourage her. She is planning to start RCIA in the fall!”

Engaged Couple’s Comment May 29th:
– His comments:
“I found that letting God in has even more benefits than I first imagined. I’ve never really been into faith, but I enjoyed learning the benefits and plan to further my commitment. I hope to move forward with Jami and start attending mass.”
– Her comments: “It was very informative and opened my eyes to aspects of the faith and aspects of relationships I hadn’t considered before.
I have personal issues of my own regarding the passing of my brother but this course has made me want to speak with our Priest about them.”
Both:It gave us the tools to avoid direct confrontation. Ex. instead of saying YOU we should express how it makes us feel. This way no one gets overly defensive and is more receptive to what the other is saying. We really appreciate all of your help in better understanding God’s plan for us as a married couple. Thank you so much for all you have helped us!”

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