“Weekly Best of” Feedback June 22nd-26th

by | Jun 26, 2015 | Friday Feedback

“Too bad everyone isn’t forced to take a class like this before they get married!” Theresa

June 22nd, Des Plaines, IL
“It was nice to have some of those tough questions and discussions asked of us. It opened us up to see how we would handle certain situations and how we can prepare ourselves for those tough discussions and times.
It was insightful and opened up the doors for important and meaningful conversations. It also reinforced the importance of God in our lives.
Taking the time to work together to answer the questions. We really sat down and brainstormed our ideas and took into account what we both thought. I believe this solidified my relationship with God and the church.”
“We liked how it was all divided into different categories so we knew what to emphasize on each lesson. It was easier to focus on each topic. We also appreciated the excerpt readings and quotes. We loved taking the time to work together to answer the questions.

June 23rd, Colorado Springs, CO

“It was very beneficial to me to learn more about the Church’s teachings on marriage. It also allowed us to discuss certain topics we may not have without prompting from the course. It made me realize what I had been missing out on and showed me the importance of internalizing my faith instead of just going through the motion. I am very glad that we took the class and overall I would say it did exceed any expectations I may have had coming in.
“It was nice to prepare in more than a practical way to get married. As marriage is a sacrament it was great to understand the spiritual commitment we are making as well as learn how to prepare ourselves to grow together with Christ. I would say it exceeded my expectations. I now know much more fully the depth of the sacrament of which we will partake. This course renewed my faith because it showed me that instead of just a societal step in my life, marriage is a huge step in my spiritual life and will offer many challenges and opportunities to grow my faith.”

June 24th, Dearborn Height, MI

“I feel that we got more out of taking the online course that we would have going to a Seminar. We were able to privately sit down and discuss the topics without feeling pressured for time and truly reflect on what we had talked about.”
It was very good. We thought we were well prepared when we did the FOCUS inventory, but this class made us discuss some things that we had not before. I’m really looking forward to using a lot of what we learned in our marriage. I really learned a lot from the lesson about abortion in birth control. I was really on the fence about the issue before having taken some women’s studies courses in college. I learned more from that lesson about the churches view on those matters and I have any course in college. I found the information extremely valuable.”
“It exceeded our expectations. We got a LOT more out of this course than we thought we would. We will keep the files for future reference and review.”

June 25, Columbus, OH
“It is a good overview of how to prepare for a God-centered marriage. I liked how we were partnered with a couple who led us in this process and was there for us to answer questions and to be our ‘cheerleaders’ along the way. We saved all the answer keys onto our home computer so we can reference them any time.”

June 26, Sterling, CO

“Very thought provoking. I enjoyed how it brought us together in discussions and thoughts. It has encouraged my interest in classes; pursue RCIA, study groups, and bible study.
“Too bad everyone isn’t forced to take a class like this before they get married.
It exceeded my expectations. It answered a lot of questions about things I didn’t know the answers to. I loved the discussions we had while doing the lessons. The course has inspired me to try NFP.”

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