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by | Jul 12, 2013 | Friday Feedback

What is your overall impression of this prep?
I feel more prepared to enter into our marriage be cause we have had meaningful conversations.

Did it meet your expectations?
This absolutely, went above and beyond my expectations! I loved how flexible it was being online, considering we had to juggle different countries and time zones. Our instructors gave us insight on aspects of our marriage I never realized.

What did you appreciate most and why?
Andrew: I liked how we had to put different things in priorities, that’s something we haven’t done a lot so I appreciate that we had to do that.
Mary:I really appreciated the advice on how to put Christ as the center of our lives. I feel that the Marine Corps has been the center of our lives… I really also enjoyed the critical thinking aspects of the worksheets.

How did the course revive – or not – your faith?
Andrew:I think this course did revive my faith. I have let somewhat lost because of the Marine Corps, and this was a good way to guide me back to Christ.
Mary: Absolutely! This course showed me how to become more connected with Christ and His Church. So often in this wedding process we have become so stressed and the Christ aspect of the nuptials has fallen by the way side. I personally, really enjoyed the prayers that we said together to start each session/worksheet.

Communication through the course: This course improved our communication because it forced us to talk about topics that we would not have normally talked about. Because we discussed more topics on a deeper level, it was fun to see how the other person responded, whether or not we necessarily agreed on their answer.

Comments: We enjoyed this course immensely! Thank you for being so flexible due to our location changes through out the course! We are excited to grow in faith and love with this wonderful foundation on the Church’s teachings.

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