Encounters with Jesus

by | May 4, 2024 | Family Life, Prayer, Society, Spirituality

Sleeping with Jesus:

About a month ago my two-year-old son woke up from his nap and in a worried voice told me he was having bad dreams. The first thing that ran through my mind was, “what did he see on TV that was making him have bad dreams?” Since the kids usually watch PBS, nothing came to mind specifically.  The next day he woke up again saying the same thing. I was getting more concerned. We both prayed to Jesus to help the bad dreams go away. This happened over the next three days. And each night he would say this prayer with me, “Jesus be with me and protect me tonight. Amen.”

On the fourth morning my son woke up happy! Later that day I put him down for a nap. As I put him in his crib, he had pointed to his bed and said, “Jesus, Mama!” And I said, “yes, Jesus is going to be with you.” And he said, “no, mama, Jesus bed!” As he pointed to his crib. I looked at him with surprise and at that point I knew that he was going to be sleeping in Jesus’s arms. This happened for the next 3 days. He was sleeping with Jesus during nap time and nighttime. I was one blessed mother

Do We Recognize our Encounters?

Many people do not encounter Jesus as children do. Or perhaps we do encounter something spiritual early in childhood, but we don’t remember. And as we grow up these situations get lost in translation or we just don’t believe that it happened. Some people may consider these encounters with Jesus the “see it to believe it” or “to know that He is with us” experiences. There are countless testimonies of how Jesus works through everybody’s life, and others might be sitting here thinking, “man that’s great for them! But that will never happen to me.” And that is completely false!

If we truly open our heart and let God in, we will see the numerous times that Jesus is with us throughout the day, throughout the week, and throughout the year. These are the encounters and stories that help the non-believers believe in Him and the believers keep believing in Him. It can be hard to hear God through all the noise around us. But He is always standing with you- feeling what you are feeling, seeing what you are seeing, and listening to your cries, laughs and words.

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