Dinner and Carpools

by | Sep 18, 2013 | Family Life

We have a great time at dinner!

It is one of my favorite times to spend with the family. We have this card deck that has very weird situations on it, asking us what we would do, or be, or who we would bring if…

After we answer, we flip the card over and read the “Christian” connection to the problem. We have thoroughly exhausted the deck! Sometimes we play the telephone game, other times we talk…sometimes opportunities present themselves that just can’t be passed up! This weekend offered such an opportunity with 5 year old son at dinner. My son is phenomenal. He has a fantastic imagination, says the craziest things, and listens as well as a rock. Well, this particular evening he continued to drop noodles into his milk. I asked him a couple times to stop playing with his food. He just looked at me and laughed dropping another noodle into his milk. So, I figured I would just join along. I held a broccoli floret over his cup and asked him to ask me not to drop it into his cup. He said, “Daddy, don’t drop that into my cup!” I let go of the floret. It fell, seemingly in slow motion as my son opened his mouth and said, “NOOOOOOOOO!” The green of the broccoli was quickly consumed by the white of the milk and my son looked at me and the waterworks began. I think it lasted for about 5 minutes. When he was done I asked him how it felt when you told me to not drop the broccoli into the milk and I did it anyway. He replied, “I felt sad that you didn’t listen to me”. I am not sure if that was the right thing to do. Or how long the lesson will hold. Nevertheless, when I bring up broccoli and milk he usually listens. It’s the small things that count.
Kind of like those carpool rides to school. While I say carpool, it’s just me and the four oldest. I work for the Catholic Church attached to their school. Or, the school is attached to the Catholic Church where I work…anyway, there are some things that you just are not going to be able to recreate: either a broccoli and milk lesson on listening or the whole car singing Rosemary Clooney’s version of Mambo Italiano on the way to school. I am still unsure of my 12 year olds contribution but her lips were moving… It’s the little things that keep us going as a family. Everyone has them – I am suggesting you hold on to them for a bit.
Three things to take away:
1. Family Dinners are Vital!
2. Sing loud in the car!
3. Hold on to the little things as long as you can!

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