Bridal Shower: Supporting Wives

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Family Life, Marriage, Marriage Prep, Society

Today’s forecast calls for bridal showers!

Late spring and early summer are popular months for weddings.  My guess is that many of us are involved in upcoming bridal showers! As I am helping plan my dear friend’s, I was curious to see the history of bridal showers.

Showers were invented to help couples without doweries.

Several centuries ago, a father would give a young man a dowry when his daughter was married. The “dowry” as we know it now is the traditional wedding budget provided by the bride’s father. In recent years, weddings have become more elaborate. Thus, registries are a common way for couples to build their homes. In turn, bridal showers are a wonderful way to support women becoming wives!

A lot of women (myself included) are embarrassed to have bridal showers. It can seem overwhelming not only to plan a wedding, but do marriage prep, learn NFP, and have a bachelorette party too. Somehow, a bridal shower gets pushed off most often. From my experience, it’s generally when brides are the “front runners” of their friend group. Thus, many young women do not have married friends supporting them.  However, it is essential for young couples to have this support, even if they are the first married.

Women need wives around them.

Over the years, I’ve realized how valuable it is to have married friends. As we become wives and mothers, our friendship needs change greatly. Of course, we need to be able to share our struggles in safe places. We need to seek advice in difficult situations. In addition during pregnancy and postpartum, we need support from fellow women.

If you are a bride-to-be and women are offering to throw you a bridal shower, accept. Allow yourself to be supported, loved, and celebrated! Additionally, grow those bonds now so you’ll have them as life’s challenges come. Furthermore, if you are a married woman considering offering a shower to an engaged friend, go ahead! Help that future wife build her home.

Happy wedding season! 

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Michelle C. Martin

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