A Thanksgiving to Remember

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Family Life, Health, Society

We had been only a few years in the USA, and we had learned a great deal about Thanksgiving.
So that year I wanted to make something special for our close friends.
I thought, let’s reverse the first Thanksgiving and let the newcomers invite our US born friends.
Of course I was late buying the biggest turkey I have ever seen, it looked more like a bison to me.
I was lucky because it was a bit defrost when I bought it at the large department store, so I thought it will defrost faster.
I left the beast on the countertop for almost a day to defrost fully.
Made  a huge amount of fresh stuffing.
Put it all in the oven for many hours.
We were about 30 people and we had a great time.
Of course, now you specialists of the Thanksgiving turkey, you know why it has been a memorable Thanksgiving.
Did I do anything wrong?
Yes I did everything wrong from step 1 to the last.
This is what I learned.
– never buy a turkey that looks more like a bison.
– make sure it’s entirely frozen, if you buy it frozen.
– never defrost it on the countertop for long hours.
– make sure the stuffing is already well pre-cooked, and don’t etc …
– most of all, never accept an invitation from a non US born friend for a Thanksgiving meal.
You guessed right, everybody got sick.
The following week, I was offered this great T-shirt, see picture, still don’t get the joke.
Yes, everybody remembers very well this Thanksgiving.
Yes, from that day on, we only accept invitations for Thanksgiving.
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