Why the Resurrection Happened

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Throughout history, man has tried to disprove the resurrection: however, here are three reasons we know it happened.

From the time of Christ’s resurrection to 2024, man has tried to disprove the resurrection happened. The resurrection is the core of Christian Faith. It is the triumph over death, the hope of Heaven, and the promise of new life. The Catholic Church celebrates the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, but the resurrection holds the Christian Faith together. Defending the reality of the resurrection is essential to defending our faith. Thankfully, there are three distinct reasons we know it happened.

Reason One: The Romans were expert killers.

The first argument against the resurrection is that Jesus was not dead. The crucifixion execution was designed to do two things: humiliate criminals, and destroy their bodies. By the time Jesus took His last breath on the cross, He had already endured tortured. He has been scourged, beaten, starved, forced to walk up a hill carrying the heavy cross. His hands and feet were nailed to it; His body then left to the wind and heat for three hours. A soldier pierced His side with a spear to prove He had died. It is said in the Gospel it was customary to break the legs of the criminals to force them to die faster after three hours. But Christ was already dead, thus, His legs were left unbroken.

Looking at the historical facts of the Roman Empire, we can be certain Romans knew how to kill. No one survived the execution of crucifixion. Jesus was most certainly dead.

Reason Two: The Apostles were hiding during the crucifixion.

The second argument against the resurrection is that the Apostles stole the body of Jesus from the tomb.  Christ’s body was guarded by a legion of soldiers, which was eight men. Eight Roman soldiers could not easily be overtaken by eleven (Judas was gone now) common men. For the Apostles to have stolen the body, they would have either overtaken eight soldiers or the soldiers would have been asleep. Eight professional soldiers did not likely fall asleep at the same time, much less long enough for a tomb break.

As for the Apostles, only John accompanied Jesus to His crucifixion. The others fled in terror they would be killed as well. They watched their dearest friend die after standing by His side for three years. Nothing would have given them the courage to fight the Romans for Jesus’ body.

Reason 3: We have four separate accounts of what happened.

Have you ever wondered why we have four Gospels? They are the same story told different ways. We have little need for four separate accounts of Christ’s life just for Mass.

The four Gospels are further proof this all happened. The Gospels were written years apart, in different places, by different men. Matthew and John were Apostles, but their accounts are nowhere near identical. Mark and Luke were followers of Peter and Paul. Luke has perhaps the most interesting account, as he was “twice removed” from the circle that new Jesus. Yet his Gospel is right in line with the others. It would not have been possible to write such similar, yet very distinctive stories unless they were each divinely inspired by real life events.

Thus, The Resurrection is historical.

As fantastical as the life of Christ sounds at times, it was a real life. This is not an old story; instead it is a historical account of real events. Thus, the resurrection cannot be attacked as fiction if we know how to defend it.

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