Renewal and Beauty

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May is Mary’s month because spring symbolizes renewal and beauty.

Renewal and beauty are present in our churches right now.  In many Catholic churches across the country, statues of Mary are wearing crowns of flowers. May is the month of Mary, and we often honor her by decorating our churches with blue colors and flowers. I’ve always found it sweet that May is Mary’s month and when we celebrate Mother’s Day. The reason we choose this month for her is even sweeter.


Mary is a vision of beauty. Every depiction of our Blessed Mother shows a soft, gentle, perfect woman. Her face is always young, her hair always curled, her eyes always kind. She is most often dressed in red, blue, gold, or white, vibrant and attractive colors. When she is accompanied by a baby Jesus, He is always held close to her heart.

Spring is a beautiful season. Flowers are blooming, grass is growing. The leaves have returned after winter. God is touching our world with His creator’s hand to welcome new life. Our world right now is a visual reminder of the new life He gave to Mary at the Annunciation.


Much of nature becomes dormant in the winter. Trees lose their leaves, flowers lose their blooms, vegetables lost their produce. Spring is when their lives renew. What was asleep becomes awake and breathes new life into the world.

The souls of the faithful departed were “asleep” for a long time. From the sin of Adam to the crucifixion, souls of the dead went into Limbo. Limbo was a spiritual state of waiting. Unlike purgatory, there was no way for souls to enter Heaven. No amount of prayer or fasting could free souls from Limbo.

When the Holy Spirit conceived Christ in Mary, the season of renewal began. Mary was the spring of life to the winter of sin.

We are meant to honor Mary.

Even the civic world knows mothers deserve to be celebrated. In a world increasingly hostile toward marriage and family, it’s a small comfort we still have “Mother’s Day” on calendars. There is still something we recognize about the goodness of bringing life into this world. Mary is the Mother who brought that life to all of us. Her sacrifice of motherhood brought renewal and beauty to the whole world. She is the Mother we all honor.


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