Coming Into New Life Through Baptism

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A Call To Baptism:

Is baptism an important topic for a first date? My husband was an amazing man when I first met him. (He still is too!) He checked off all the “boxes” for me. We were young and in love, however, one box was not able to be checked…. He was not Catholic. Yes, he believed in God, but he wasn’t baptized. We had many chats about God, in addition we talked about how the Catholic Church came about. My husband grew up with a trauma filled household and encountered battles night after night. There was an understanding that God saved him many times throughout his life, including taking him away from his abusive family. It wasn’t until 2016, he felt called to be baptized.

Adopted By Christ:

Baptism is not a mere ritual but a transformative encounter with the Holy Spirit. We unveil the sacrament as the gateway to adoption into God’s family. The sacrament becomes a joyous declaration of divine filiation, a proclamation that each baptized soul is a beloved child of God.

This was my husband’s adoption. He was now a son of God and felt called to serve Him, and only Him. Baptism was such a fulfilling sacrament that the fire of the Holy Spirit showed outwardly through my husband in a huge way! Each day brought new beginnings and new transformations for us as a couple to encounter. Our life together was changed for the better.

Even More and Even Better:

The old was gone and the new was abundant. God showed us that our relationship had so much more room to grow with Him at the center. This was only the beginning of a Spirit lead journey for us.

Through the waters of baptism, we participate in Christ’s victory over sin and death, transcending the temporal boundaries of earthly existence. The baptismal water reminds us of the Living Water that God has given us. Just as the woman at the well was filled with the Living Water of God, we must fill our hearts each day with abundance of God’s scripture and voice.

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