Agape Catholic Ministries: 25 Years

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Agape Catholic Ministries: Building Christ-centered families, one family at a time.

Christ himself said, “Without me you can do nothing.” John 15:5. This is especially true for marriage. Marriage was instituted as a sacrament by Christ at the wedding feast of Cana. Jesus raised marriage, a concept that already existed, to the dignity of an outward sign He uses to bestow grace. In 2024, the war on marriage continues. Promiscuity is praised. Infidelity is supported. Even polyamory is promoted. But 25 years of hard work in the service of God is championed by Agape Catholic Ministries.

Agape refers to the highest form of love: self-sacrificing love. Catholic, in it’s strict definition, means universal. A ministry is a work or vocation in the service of God. This year marks 25 years of self-sacrificial, universal, service to God.

The Beginning:

In 1999, Christian and Christine Meert began teaching Catholic Marriage Preparation in the diocese of Denver. Their passion for Marriage Prep was fueled by their personal experiences, especially their conversions to the Catholic Church. Over the next several years, they helped promote their program to parishes in the Archdiocese of Denver. Their program eventually included resources to battle the sin of pornography consumption.

In 2003, the need arose to offer couples online mentoring. In 2004, Agape Catholic Ministries became the first online marriage preparation program. ACM eventually included teaching the Creighton method for Fertility Care, quincinera and baptism preparation, all in both English and Spanish. Since 2006, ACM has become international, serving couples in China and the UK.

From Then to Now:

 Since 2022, Agape Catholic Ministries has served over 6,000 couples worldwide every year. The ministry thrived through the COVID pandemic and has continued prioritizing the sacrament of matrimony. Agape now sponsors such events as the Catholic Family Life Association Convention. ACM also participates in the National Catholic Youth Conference and the National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministry.

2024 is 25 years of serving the ministry of beautiful Christ-centered families. Please continue to pray for Agape as we work to protect and promote the sacred union of man and woman under God!

Join us for the National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis from July 17-21 this year!

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